McCain is scared of reporters

Look at his body language. He's tense, blinks a lot, and forces a smile for the first half of the interview. He relaxes a little bit after the really hard questions get asked, but even at the end he is stiff. It doesn't reflect well on his experience if he is still scared of reporters after all these years, now does it?

I don't think he's scared. I think he's pretending to be nice and happy, but he's really seething inside.

He's putting lipstick on a 'prig'. :-)

Unfortunately, most of the US public will swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

Interesting clip - I don't see much of this in Japan, unless I hunt it down on the internet.
Did anyone see the video clip of how he handled a reporter's question about his policy on Viagra?

I have a lot of respect for McCain and have faith he'd be a good president but the Republican party is just a complete mess. A party of "change"? And the Palin thing? If I were McCain, I'd be scared too.
He's more at home on the Senate floor and committee meetings. I've never seen him give a great interview, even on puff pieces like The Daily Show.
I don't think he's scared either. He certainly is uncomfortable; really, one of, if not the, worst public speaker in politics.
One of the problems here is that the reporter tends to be slightly combative. Not to say that he didn't remember the quote he gave, but the reporter seems to jump on this, instead of rolling with it. Also, why wouldn't McCain be slightly leary of the media? The biggest problem that I have with how the interviews have been conducted, is why these similar questions are not asked of the democratic side? Without knowing it, the reporter actually set up McCain to prove his media given nickname of "maverick", but asking about the Gay marriage bill, unwittingly he was trying to box McCain in, and McCain jumped on that as a way to show that he isn't "More of the same"... blinking aside, if you understand that no one expects him to be dynamic (hence he brought in Palin for that show) but what he says, and poise shown handling a seemingly combative reporter, make him actually come out as braving a tougher interview than it was.
The body language is rather simple to explain: McCain is lying repeatedly and defending the indefensible in this interview.
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