Dear McCain

I'm not your biggest fan, but I do agree with you on a number of issues and with the Republicans about half the time. You have run a terrible campaign. At this point, you need to decide where your loyalties lie.

If you strongly believe in the principles you and the Republican Party espouse, you need to do some damage control, because the tactics you have used have hurt public support for them, and in this Internet connected society, old ghosts can pop up at the most inopportune moments. You should distance yourself from the Republican Party, and earnestly take up a ridiculous positions or two (i.e. chicken abortion rights). You will lose the election, and your political career will most likely end in the next Senatorial race. By convincing everyone you are senile, it will put the Republican Party in better shape to win in 2012.

If all you care about is having a shot at the Oval Office, you have the right idea. Palin is an embarassment to everyone that isn't a Christian. Don't let her do interviews. Absolutely let her make scripted speeches because she appeals to the Fundamentalist Christians, but don't let her answer extemporaneous questions. You screwed up on the bailout. If you had voted against it, you could have admonished Obama for spending taxpayer money for no effect, so talk about anything but the economy. There are a number of issues that you could potentially get votes from Obama on: gun control, energy, the space program. You will take some hits for ignoring the big issues on people's minds, but it's better than looking like the fool you are. Marginally.

So make your choice. Choose what's best for the principles you profess, or choose what's the best for you personally. You can't have both anymore.

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